Inter IKEA Group

Strategic Deisgner and Project Mangement
Sustainable Living, Circular Business and Design
Locations: Canada, China, United Kingdom and Ireland, Sweden 
Year: 2013-2023
Key contributor of IKEA ́s guide for designing circular products.

Thirteen years of experience working with sustainability across three continents.

Circular Business Designer, Strategy Development and Project Lead for setting up IKEA ́s transformation into a circular business for the past six years.

Pitch and lead concept development to enable a Digital Product Passport in a circular value chain.

Lead research and implement experiments, producing insights that help create innovation roadmaps for management and new product delivery.

Commission research and develop business cases for topics such as lifespan, product use, care, repair, circular services and resusable packaging;

Developed the Live Lagom: Just the Right Amount project (2013-2016), book and video series that provided households with IKEA products to help reduce energy, water and waste, while also helping them to live a healthier lifestyle and grow their own food.

Circular IKEA 2017-2023

Sustainable Living Project 2013-2017
Product Passport 2018-2022