Product Type: Wall Shelf
Brand: Studio Marie Karl
Exhibition: Matter Displaced at Southern Sweden Design Days
Material: Formill® Mushroom Clay
Country: Sweden
Photography: Olle Enqvist
Bio-based material formed into a wall shelf inspired by “ticka/tickor” tree mushroom

“A joy to use this new material, not quite clay, not quite wood, we decided to show the material in its raw form and finished state”

For @southernswedendesigndays we experimented with a new material that hasn’t been used before. Formill® is a new material made up of mushrooms and has similarities to wood and clay and is in development to become a material we can work more with in the future. With all that in mind, we decided on a futuristic shape for a futuristic material.

Studio Marie Karls collaboration with Formill® marks first time this material has been used in a product. This material is hypothesized to  be an alternative to both clay and particle board, depending how it is processed.

The bio-material and registered trademark Formill® are owned by Formsson AB and have been developed in collaboration with The Loop Factory, RISE and Halmstad University with funding from The Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova.